Features And Benefits


vehicle-tracking-system-Vehicle Recovery
Vehicle Recovery
In case of vehicle get stolen or hijack its help to get back vehicle by vehicle tracking system.
RFID in Gatti is used for schedule attendance facility to BPO employees or school students etc.
On over-speeding or undue stoppages of vehicale, expected time of arrival of the bus or truck, if driver try to move out vehicle from defined limited boundaries user get alerts by sms or email or by any social networking.
Its show exact location where vehicle is stopped and how long it's take halt.
vehicle-tracking-system-Over speed
Over speed
Owner get alert on over speeding vehicle by driver.
vehicle-tracking-system-Identify un-utilized
Identify un-utilized
Its shows you the duration of un-utilized of vehicle
vehicle-tracking-system-Temperature sensor
Temperature sensor
Ideal for the company having transportation of perishable where temperature is most important factor. Its raise alert as soon as temperature goes out of desirable temperature.
vehicle-tracking-system-Fuel saving
Fuel saving
With help of Gatti owner can find out the shortest way to reach destination and even can track the mileage of vehicle which help to save fuel.
vehicle-tracking-system-Geo Fencing
Geo Fencing
Create virtual fence on map, along with list of vehicle, area designated with some name like "black-listed motel", alerts will be activated, if the vehicle enters in the area, or leave the area. Multiple alerts options are available like SMS, Email and chat.
vehicle-tracking-system-Locate the nearest vehicle
Locate the nearest vehicle
Locate the nearest vehicle: Owner can locate the nearest vehicle with help of landmark.
vehicle-tracking-system-Multi language
Multi language
Web application support multi language like English, Hindi and Gujarati.
vehicle-tracking-system-Mileage by GPS
Mileage by GPS
Algorithm to calculate the vehicle's mileage based on GPS.
vehicle-tracking-system-Tamper protection
Tamper protection
GPS Device is Temper protected. So no season affect this device.
vehicle-tracking-system-Control room
Control room
Control room support multi screen.
vehicle-tracking-system-Mobile_Tablet Compatible
Mobile & Tablet Compatible
Gui is compatible with any type of mobile or tablet.

Functionalities And Benefits

  1. gatti_arrow Mileage
  2. gatti_arrow Stoppages
  3. gatti_arrow Geo-fencing
  4. gatti_arrow Asset tracking
  5. gatti_arrow Vehicle recovery
  6. gatti_arrow Fleet management
  7. gatti_arrow Battery backup
  8. gatti_arrow Internal logging
  9. gatti_arrow Route deviation
  10. gatti_arrow Mileage by GPS
  11. gatti_arrow Engine running status
  12. gatti_arrow Google Earth (3d map integration )