About Gatti

What is Gatti?

Gatti - is a product of NKonnect Infoway an IT company specialized in GPS vehicle tracking system in India.

Gatti is fast growing GPS vehicle tracking system offered by NKonnect Infoway in India. Nkonnect infoway gives you combination of electronic device along with web based, centralized tracking tool to keep track of your personal vehicle or assets. Nkonnect provides wide-ranging mapping and reporting capability web application which allows owner watch up there vehicle and save misused of fuel,time and money. Gatti provides you the exact location of vehicle on map along with information's like mileage by GPS, stoppages, battery backup, route deviation, ignition status, distance, speed, fuel levels, container lock etc. Gatti is very user friendly, affordable web based GPS Vehicle Tracking & Reporting Software with Electronic Device. Gatti, helps to TRACK & MANAGE assets & fleet of vehicles from Worldwide.

Why Gatti Is Needed?

The proposition of Gatti - GPS vehicle tracking system is remarkable. A business can get better security and better monitor both vehicle and service. Gatti - GPS vehicle tracking system is mostly used by delivery companies and transportation businesses, as well as government bodies like police and ambulance.

What Is Secret GPS Vehicle Tracking?

The phrase “secret vehicle tracking” refers to tracking solutions used to protect vehicles through monitoring and various detailed reports. It is secret because only top management of company/owner aware about tracking of assets being conducted not to drivers or any employees.

Keep an Eye on Your Vehicle:

You can spot your vehicles on a map, but you can also find out how long a vehicle stays in a same location. If stops are unplanned, or if they are longer than they should be, you know about it right away from the Web Application of Gatti. Limiting idle time can also cut fuel costs and also save time of unnecessary wastage of time being made by driver on trip.

Recover Stolen Vehicles:

It very expensive for anyone if there vehicle get stolen of hijacked by anyone not only you lose your vehicle, but also cause damage in relationship with customer in case of not delivering goods at right time. Use of Gatti you can recover your stolen vehicle and get back your goods/assets and also get back trust of your customer by delivering goods at right time.

Applicable Areas

  1. gatti_arrow Transport Companies.
  2. gatti_arrow Any Car/Truck Owner.
  3. gatti_arrow School & Bus Services.
  4. gatti_arrow F.M.C.G. Companies.
  5. gatti_arrow Car Rental Companies.
  6. gatti_arrow Infrastructure Companies.
  7. gatti_arrow Refrigerated Vehicles.
  8. gatti_arrow Oil Tankers.
  9. gatti_arrow Goods Carrier Companies.
  10. gatti_arrow Police and Government Vehicles.
  11. gatti_arrow Bank Cash Transporting Agencies.
  12. gatti_arrow Public Transportation.
  13. gatti_arrow Emergency Services.